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A facilitated visioning process, utilizing best practices, designed to develop mission and vision statements to guide the work of the organization and to assist the company in goal setting and strategic planning. Examine high quality missions and visions from well known organizations. Use effective facilitative process to obtain buy-in and make the mission and vision statement meaningful to the organization, its clients, and stakeholders.


A facilitated visioning process to identify and articulate the community’s / organization’s values. Participants in the engagement sessions are asked guiding questions and input is collected and sorted into common themes, resulting in the creation of a clear and shared vision. A representative stakeholder group is used to help formulate concrete recommendations for moving forward to achieve the vision. The resulting report is utilized in long term planning, acting as a blueprint to guide future actions and decisions by the organization.

Visioning processes can occur over a broad time frame, ranging from a period of meetings all the way through a half-year visioning process, dependent upon the size and scope of the organization’s needs.


The 360-degree process is a tool for growth and is designed to provide input to assist organizational leaders and boards in goal setting and in the identifi cation of current successes and areas for future improvement. This process allows multiple stakeholders, with a wide variety of perspectives, to provide feedback for the leader’s evaluation and growth. An anonymous online survey is set up with a set of designated questions to elicit feedback about the leader’s performance. Internal and external stakeholders are invited to participate and provide input. The information is collected, producing both quantitative and qualitative data, and is then grouped with other answers to provide themed feedback about the leader’s performance. 360-degree evaluations processes range from executives to mid-managers and can be customized (single individual) or more general (multiple managers).


Creation of logos, letterhead, business cards and other branding elements that align with the organization after development and consideration of multiple options with the involvement of key stakeholders. Branding can be coordinated with marketing efforts and tied to the visioning processes.Type your paragraph here.